Capt's George Coombs and August Bauman 82 nd infantry addressed to their friend Eugene Roberts
Capt. Eugene Roberts and his brother 82 nd infantry
Col Henry Hall NY 4th Heavy Artillery
Francis Augustus Osborn Col 24th MA Infantry wounded Deep Bottom Run VA 1864
Lieut Barck 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery
James Linton Sergeant 21 st PA Cavalary heavily engaged at Petersburg
Philo Taylor 93 rd NY Infantry provost Guard in Army of Potomac at Gettysburg
General David Bell Birney present at Gettysburg
Maj General Henry Slocum present at Gettysburg
Samuel Simmons served with Sherman and Rosecrans
Albert Morgan 91 st PA Army of the Potomac
George W Cook 12 IA wounded at Shiloh- Brothers
Samuel D Cook 13 th iowa wounded at Shiloh
Capt. Rodney Kimball 44th NY
 Michael McNigff 44 th NY fought at Gettysbur- taught at the same school as rodney kimball
John Scroggs Poland  2nd US Army Major by brevet at Fredericksburg, LT Col, Chancellorville, fought at Gettysburg
signed on  back
.William Parsons NY 5th Cavalary Surgeon
Henry Draper 126th NY -the 126th was embarrassed and captured at Harpers Ferry
-they were paroled and redemmed themselves at Gettysburg-he was wounded at Bristoe Station

Jonathan Wolf Capt 34th PA -fought Gaines Mills, 2nd Bull Run, Antietam, wounded at Fredericksburg
Clesson R McElroy- 2nd LT 13th Vermont-9th month regiment that was tested at Gettysburg and was one of the key regiments to stop Pickett's charge
Wick Corwin and officers of Ohio 2nd Heavy Artillery
A C Hillis New York - signed in period ink on back
William Ernest Goodman PA 147th wounded at Chancellorville-  awarded the Medal of Honor
William H Sackett- 11th CT- fought at Antietam, Cold Harbor, killed at Petersburg
Charles Atwater 7th Indiana Infantry- fought on Culps Hill at Gettysburg
C Thalin- 3 rd US Artillery Battery F
Major General George Mead in command of the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg
General Winfield Hancock- Hancock the Superb- 2nd corp commander, wounded at Gettysburg
William H Birge CT 1st Heavy Artillery- Army of the Potomac-Fredericksburg, Malvern Hill- signed
Sir Newton Dexter 160th NY infantry
killed at Winchester 9/1864

Maine Soldiers Unidentified
General Edward Ferrero -took Burnsides Bridge at Antietam
Nathaniel Wales- 35th Mass Wounded at Antietam

Horton Platt 6th NY HA wounded at Spottsylvania Court House and died several days later
General Alfred Pleasanton- Commander of Cavalary Army of the Potomac
George Beeler and Robert Russel 57th NY- Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg-Beeler wounded at Reams Station
Frederick Grant 35th Mass infantry
wounded at Antietam

Enoch Adams 2nd NH- 3 corp Army of the Potomac wounded Williamsburg, fought at Bull Run 1 and 2 and Gettysburg
 John Brinkerhoff  11tth NY- wounded at Gettysburg when he was struck in the belt plate by a shell fragment- was unconscious between enemy lines until he awoke and made it back to Cemetery Ridge
George Spink 12 th RI fought at Fredericksburg
General Dan Sickles- Tamany Hall Politician, and 3 Corp General at Gettysburg
William Watkins 41 st Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Shiloh 2 cdv's later one with GAR hat
A.O.Comstock 14 th Ct Volunteers -died 1863 fought at Antietam, Fredericksburg and Gettysburg
Birdsey Beckley 14 th CT Volunteers fought at Antietam killed at Fredericksburg
Frederick Welton 1st aqnd 7th CT- wounded Bull Run and Drewery's Bluff
Bernard Blakeslee 16th CT -wounded At Antietam, Providence Church, POW at Plymouth NC
Herbert Landon 16th CT fought at Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg- promoted 3 times, and POW at Plymouth and escaped
Alfred A Dickerson - 16th CT - promoted 3 times- great regiment - captured at Plymouth and escaped
George H Taggard- 13 th NH
wounded  at Cold Harbor VA
William J. Ladd- 13th NH
wounded Ft. Harrison Va
Col Benjamin Grierson IL 4th Cav
Famed Raid through the Confederacy at time of Vicksburg battle- Inspired the John Wayne movie "The Horsesoldiers"
TenEyck Pawling 24 th NY - killed at 2nd battle of Bull Run
Charles H Barlett 32 Mass - wounded at Wilderness and Hatchers Run, fought at Gettysburg
Frederick Schultz 25 th Ohio - fought at Chancellorville and Gettysburg- wounded at Gettysburg
   Capt. Ford  8th CT- fought at Antietam with heavy losses. Wounded at Petersburg
 General Daniel Butterfield -Meade's chief of staff at Gettysburg - MOH winner, wrote bugle call Taps
General Judson Kilpatrick Union Cavalry
Kill Cav​
Lt. Frederick Young- 6th NJ- Williamsburg,2nd Bull Run, Chancellorville, Gettysburg
George Halstead  POW Libby Prison, Staff of Gen Warren, WIA white Oak Rd, present at Lee's surrender Appomatax
Walter Davis 22 nd Mass Infantry- wounded Malvern Hill, Brevet Lt Col - fought at Gaines mill, Fredericksburg and Gettysburg
Pascal Morgan fought in the 20th Maine
.General Dan Sickles- Tamany Hall Politician, and 3 Corp General at Gettysburg
Daniel Whalen 94th NY fought at Gettysburg
James Dudley US ARMY 2nd light Artillery-Breveted Cpt at Malvern Hill 
John P Cole 94th NY, Bull Run Frederickaburg, Gettysburg, identified by picture Civil War Data Base
James P Thomas 105 th NY and 94 th NY- fought at Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg
General Alfred Pleasanton
Union Cavalary Commander​
Samuel Clark 21 st Maine Infantry then Maine 2nd Cavalry
Cabinet Card of John Myron Lyons  72 NY
 Inffantry, wounded at Gettysburg​
Albert Skiff was in the 9th and 15th NY Cavalry- wounded at Appomattox Court House 4/9/1865
             Chauncey Kilborn 94th NY wounded at 2nd Bull Run rose to the rank of Captain, fought at Gettysburg and at Weldon Railroad
Charles Hough fought with the 86th NY infantry known as Steuben Rangers fought at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg- wounded at Po River Virginia
Col Edward Phelps 38th Ohio infantry killed at Missionary Ridge
John Boutwell 18th New Hampshire received medal of honor for action at Petersburg VA
Col Samuel Allen of Thomaston Maine 1st Maine  Cavalry
FREDERICK T MOSS 11th NY- fought at Gettysburg, wounded in the Wilderness
Ebenezer Haywood 6th Me
wounded Garnets Farm VA 1862
James W Powell Jr 71st NY
POW Bottoms Ridge
Wounded Bristoe Station 8/62
George Hartsuff Maj General Brady CDV
Brevet at Antietam

Robert E Holmes 2nd Lt 108th NY
Killed at Antietam
Crawford D White 108th NY
POW Died Nov 1863 -obit on back of card
George Ruggles adj general under George Meade, fought with Pope at Ceder Mt. and Chantilly and at Antietam.
took part in the Battle of Hatchers Run
Daniel O'Brien 3rd NY Cavalry
POW Reames Station 1864
Harrison D.F. Young 2nd NH Capt
Wounded  2nd Bull Run, fought at Gettysburg where they took significant casualties
Martin R Connolly 57th NY  LT, Antietam Fredericksburg,Gettysburg, Petersburg
William S Brown 74th NY, wounded Locust Grove VA, fought at Gettysburg
George F Lord 3rd NH, Sgt Major
Fort Wagner, and Drewerys Bluff
George B Doris 1 st Lt 73rd NY-heavily engaged at Gettysburg
1st Lt George Capen 15th Maine Infantry
Cpt Moses French 2nd Maine Cavalry
George Armstrong Custer -What else needs to be said
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain -Brevet Major Gen, Col 20th Maine, one of the heroes of Little Round Top
George Hirst -wounded Fredericksburg -83 rd NY
            George Armstrong Custer

America Walton Capt 8th Me Infantry (tintype)- wounded Drewrys Bluff and Petersburg
Joshua L Chamberlain  #2
no back mark-sold

Frank Ashcraft 10th NY Heavy Artillery-Cold Harbor, Cedar Creek, Petersburg campaignF
Capt Ira Burritt 56th  PA- wounded at
Gettysburg and the Wilderness
E A Belger 70th NY Excelsior Brigade
Brevets at Chancellorville and Gettysburg
Interesting line from this Union Col - for
James the Fenian
Charles Devens Col MA 15 th infantry- Brevetted to Major General- fought at Fair Oaks, Antietam, Fredericksburg
2 photos James Cole - PA Indpt Infantry
Alfred S Merrill Me 3rd infantry - POW Spottsylvania Court house May 1864- Brevet at Gettysburg