Lefauchex pinfire cavalry sidearm
Colt root revolver-sold
Colt  1860  Army 44 caliber revolver, all serial numbers match
Starr Single Action Army Revolver patent 1858-sidearm used by many union soldiers-sold
Belgian Liege Musket manufactured  1861
Allen and Wheelock 32 caliber side hammer revolver- cylinder scenes are excellent
Hopkins and Allen- Dictator Revolver -36 caliber  5 shot Rimfire revolver- excellent cylinder scenes
-comes in a wooden box
D Moore Patent Sept 1860 7 shot revolver
6 inch barrel used as a sidearm by Union soldiers

SHARPS Saddle ring Carbine -# 48454,faint Cartouche, good markings, good mechanics
Colt bullet mold for 44 Caliber pistol
Manhattan Arms Co. - Bullet Mold
Bullet Mold for Round Ball
Bullet Mold for bullets as shown below
Colt Pocket Revolver all serial numbers match #178421, Stagecoach scene on cylinder, nice colt address, and good action
James Warner Springfield Mass 28 caliber pocket revolver  1857 patent
Bacon Spur Trigger Revolver- Norwich Conn- nice side arm used by Union troops
Plante Revolver New Haven Conn
Martialed Army Colt Revolver-approximately 1863 -nice cartouche, all numbers match, Nice address on the barrel
Civil War knife  and sheath-blade
is etched may have been cut down
from a sword
- very nice riflemans knife
Remington Zoave Bayonet- the sheath has seen better days - leather is frayed and cracking but the bayonent is is great shape and fits nicely on the Zoave Rifle
Civil War Cavalry Sword Ames Chicoppe Mass, metal scabbard - in good condition original grip, washer - some blade nicks- this one saw action
REMINGTON NEW MODEL ARMY -good action, visible address and serial number
Confederate Bowie knife, stag handle, made from a Harp file
EA PRESCOTT SA BELT REVOLVER   1861-1863- 5' BBL,6 shot cylinder, Brass Frame -Rosewood Grips 32 caliber rimfire S#3
 PLANT FRONT LOADING 3rd MODEL ARMY REVOLVER  1860-MERWIN AND BRAY -51/2 ' BBL, 6 shot 42 caL SILVER PLATED BRASS frame, rosewood grips  S #6042
ROLLIN and White Pocket Revovler made for Smith and Wesson-3' bbl 22 cal S# 374
IN JOHNSON 54 cal pistol 1842 US contract
Ashton US 1852 Percussion pistol 54 cal
North Percussion pistol  US contract
Middletown Ct
Officers Sword nicely etched blade  in excellent condition
DD Cone 32 caliber revolver- Uhlinger made but with name of JP Mower to avoid Smith and Wesson Patent # 1039   4 1/4 length barrel and 10 inches in length
Lefaucheux pinfire revolver 7 mm  3 1/2 inch barrell # 15623, nice markings
Allen and Thurber Bar Hammer Revolver worcester mass  pat 1837
Sharps Pepperbox # 16151
1859 patent
32 cal spur trigger revolver- July 1855 patent, can't tell manufacturers name # 474 , 3 1/4 inch barrell
Allen and Wheelock center hammer revolver Army model 44 caliber, 7 1/2 " barrel, nice markings
Sharps and Hankins Army Carbine-1862- 52 caliber breech loading carbine
Savage  Navy Percussion Revolver -36 cal, made from 1861-62-nice label and mechanism- (one nipple missing)
Officers Sword- Civil War-gilded blade- excellent condition, nice scroll work